I am always looking for a way to use up my scrap stash of fabrics. Lately, I have been crocheting quite a bit in the evenings and I find myself saving bits of yarn scraps because I hate to throw them away. I am a tiny bit worried that my scrap collection of yarn will get as extensive as my fabric scrap stash so I decided I needed a yarn scrap stash buster!


I thought a shawl or afghan would be a good way to achieve my goal. I remembered saving a shawl pattern to one of my Pinterest boards. I found the pattern here at Laughing Purple Goldfish Designs. The is a great pattern that is really mindless as soon as you get the first row of stitches complete.

I used scraps of chunky yarn, worsted yarn, sock yarn and whatever else I had in my yarn basket that I thought would work. It took just three evenings to make it large enough that the point in the back hit just below my knees.

It took another evening to tie off and hide all of the yarn ends. I used a bit more of the bulky yarns around the upper portion of the shawl so that it would be warm around my shoulders. The result is a shawl that feels like a big hug! It is super cozy to wear over my pajamas at night instead of wearing a robe. I am not quite sure if it looks “boho” or “hobo” but either way, I love it!