Wondering what to do with an ugly quilt block? ugly block

I have a solution that can (at least) turn it into something useful. I bought a bag of assorted cotton quilt fabric at the Goodwill. I could see there was quality fabric (Moda and Maywood Studios) but I could not tell what comprised the balance of the bag. For $3.97 I tossed it in my cart. When I got home I discovered lots of pretty fabrics and they are mostly good quality but I also discovered 3 really ugly quilt blocks. To add insult to injury, the blocks are terribly out of square.

I ironed the block onto fusible fleece and did some simple stipple quilting to keep the layers together.

ugly block quilting

I put on my thinking cap and made a simple pencil case. I always have pens and pencils at the bottom of my purse. I have another block similar to this one so I will make that a bit larger, block the bottom and make another bag for holding my makeup.

pencil case


pencil case closeup

Still not pretty but at least functional!