frosted windo

I live in a “twin” house in a small town in Pennsylvania. Many homes in our area were built replicating the way homes were built back in the day in Germany…right off the street and very close together. When my home was renovated several years ago, the bathroom was moved to the center of the second floor and they installed a window. It lets in light but my neighbor’s home is about 3 feet away and they have an window above and slightly below mine. Privacy? Umm…no! I have used curtains but wanted something that still allowed light in and also provided some degree of privacy.

I found this great tutorial and decided to use clear contact type film to “frost” my windows. This is the result and it is perfect for my needs. You can still see the shadow of the window next door but that’s it. Just a shadow. I still have not decided on a window treatment but now that I have the privacy I wanted, I don’t feel exposed without curtains!