Hobo bags

Whenever I want some quick sewing satisfaction, I like to make a hobo bags. These bags remind me of my youth way back in the late 60s. Maybe that is why I so often use paisley fabrics!

I drafted up a quick pattern that I can cut out of two pieces of 30″ lengths of fabric. If I am using a home dec fabric, I use a lightweight interfacing on both interior and exterior fabrics for stablility. If I am using quilting cotton or linen, I interface with Pellon Shape-flex for both body and strength. I add a pocket on the interior for a phone¬†and use hook and loop tape for the closure. Sometimes I close with a fabric loop and button or a length of narrow black elastic and a button. The bags are not so big that your keys will get lost but are big enough to toss in a wallet and makeup bag.

If anyone is interested I will attempt to draw a pattern that can be printed on your home printer and give some better directions.