Have an orchid-

For my birthday last May, one of my co-workers bought me a beautiful orchid. The tag said “Just add ice”. Turns out that’s all you have to do to take care of this plant. Three ice cubes on top of the planting medium and bright light.

See that light brown stick looking thing attached to the small plant stake?

Orchard 2

That is the stem from the last blooming. Apparently they bloom every year but it just takes a lot of time and patience for the next blooming cycle.

Now, see the dark green protuberance snaking under the leaf?

Orchid 3



That is the new growth which will produce flowers this year. I just noticed the stem a couple of days ago and it has grown really quickly. I am hoping for big, beautiful flowers sometime in June.

So…if you got a “Just add ice” orchid for a Mother’s Day gift or birthday gift or just because you wanted one, know that it WILL bloom again!