I was on a treasure hunt at our local Goodwill and found a sweater that I really liked. The color was great, it was washable Merino wool and it was baggy. I wanted something that wasn’t too clingy and since it was a man’s sweater, it fit the bill. I knew I would make some adjustments after I got it home.

I laundered it and THEN I discovered this!

holey sweater

They did not appear to be made by insects but more like a dog got hold of it. Since the sweater was long, I thought I could still make it work.

First I measured up just above the highest hole and marked around the bottom. Then I sewed a narrow zig zag stitch all along the marked line and cut the fabric below the zig zag.

trim along stay stitching

Next I secured some Stay Stitch along the edge on the reverse, folded up a narrow hem and pressed.

I put a twin needle on my machine and top stitched the fold into place.

stitching close up

Look how nice the bottom looks now!

Goodwill rehab

$3.50 for the sweater, about 30 minutes of my time and I have great sweater to wear with jeans, a skirt or a pair of dressy black pants. I love Goodwill rehab projects!

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