In our area when folks want to get rid of furniture they put it out on the curb the day before trash pick up. It becomes fair game to whomever snags it first. My parent’s neighbor is moving soon and they put out a small hutch. I have been looking for something to replace the ridiculous pantry closet in my kitchen. (It was poorly placed in the middle of an empty wall and has driven me crazy since I moved in.)

This past weekend my son was in town to help me get a few things done around my house so I took advantage of his muscles. He and my nephew brought the hutch to my house. Just before they brought it through the door I thought it would be a good idea to measure it. As I feared, it was about 2″ too wide. I quickly went into the dining room and measured the hutch in that room. Perfect fit for the back wall! So we did a little switcheroo.

The new hutch is dark pine and is screaming for a makeover. (I took these photos early in the morning using the ambient light in the room so they are pretty awful but not nearly as bad as they would have been if I used a flash!)


Isn’t it beastly? I am thinking ASCP in Old White.


Notice the weird drawer fronts? The drawers (top and bottom) on the left side have little faux drawers and the right has single drawers. On the top there are two sets of drawers and a single drawer on the bottom with the odd placement of hardware and drawer style. This is a piece of Bassett so it is decently made with very nicely dovetailed drawers…even if they are weird!

I slapped some of my ironstone collection on the hutch because I could not stand to look at it naked until I get around to painting it. Hopefully that will be a project for this weekend.

Note to self – measure BEFORE you bring it in the house!