Need an idea for a fun table runner for you or gift giving?  I originally did this tutorial for a blog hop a few weeks ago.  Here it is again for those who did not see it the first time around! The giveaway is over but I would love to read your comment!

I chose a charm pack of Winter’s Lane by Katie and Birdie Paper Company for Moda.

I just love the colors and the cardinals are so sweet.  One charm pack makes a very nice table runner.  If you are a veteran quilter, you have probably made a Hidden 9 Patch many, many times.  For a novice quilter, it looks like might be difficult to do but it is easy, peasy and very versatile!

First, open up your charm pack and choose 9 squares.  Place them out in a nine patch layout that pleases you.

Sew all the squares together.  I usually sew mine in sets of three and chain piece but do whatever method you prefer. (Your 9 patch should measure 14″ square unfinished.)

Here’s my first nine patch

the second

the third

and the fourth.

Now comes the scary part!  Lay the nine patch on your cutting mat and using a ruler and rotary blade cut it in half lengthwise and then widthwise measuring 2.25″ from the edge of the 4.5″ center square.

You will now have 4 blocks that should be 6-3/4″ square.

Leaving them on the cutting mat, flip the upper right block and the lower left block 180 degrees so that there is now a small square in the upper right corner and a small square in the lower left corner.

Now sew those 4 squares back together.  Ta da!  One hidden 9 patch complete!

(Now, a disclaimer. Because this charm pack had a very limited variety of fabrics, I made all my Hidden 9 Patch cuts for the four blocks and then pieced them back together mixing the sub cut blocks. I still have the integrity of the Hidden 9 Patch as I kept a small square in the upper left and lower right corners of the blocks as I put them back together. The runner just looked better with a little more movement.)

The key to remember when constructing a Hidden 9 Patch block – small squares in 2 outer corners opposite each other and two large squares in the alternate corners opposite each other.

If you make four Hidden Nine Patch blocks and sew them together you will end up with a table runner that is 14″ x 54″.  I quilted mine by outline stitching each of the 16 sub-blocks and then doing an overall meandering stitch.

Hope you find this tutorial helpful. Oh, by the way, the traditional name for this block is a “Disappearing 9 Patch”. Call it what you will, it is a fun block that really looks like you are ever so clever!

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