I have one too many irons in the fire this weekend!  I have been working in the basement, cleaning out and rearranging everything in my hutch and china closet, sewing and helping my sister a bit at her studio.  Oh, yeah – also painting.

Painting this very large spice cabinet.

Shown with all the accumulated dirt and crud as picked up at the Goodwill.

I have learned something really, really important.  It takes FOREVER to paint all the little shelves, dividers, edges, what have you. I should have spray painted the interior.  Next time I do something like this, I will definitely spray the interior and hand paint the outside.  I think I will finish it by using a wipe on poly in the interior which will allow for much easier clean up.  The exterior will be finished with regular and dark wax. Oh, the front panel is going to be a blackboard.

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